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Good Coaching doesn't happen when the coach and participants meet on the pitch. Effective Coaching sessions require good planning and preparation...

There are many demands placed on a coach. But if time is spent on planning, less time is wasted during a session...

  • Proper
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance

Participants are quick to notice a poorly planned session and will become bored and restless. But sessions that are highly standardised and repetitive will have the same effect. This means when planning coaches must include variety and be highly innovative. Setting specific, measurable goals or objectives for each session is a big part coaching...

When planning a session ask yourself the following questions...

  • What do people need and want to do...what are their goals?
  • What are your specific goals for the session?
  • Do your goals match your participants goals?
  • Are these goals achievable but challenging?
  • Will there be success?
  • What can be done in advance to make sure the session goes smoothly?
  • Have steps been taken to make sure the coaching session is safe?


When planning a session. try to estimate the duration of each part and keep a running total throughout  the session (eg warm up 10 minutes, main content 20 minute, cool down 10 minutes) This will help you achieve your goals and prevent missing important aspects of the session due to lack of time...

...The Coach who fails to Prepare, Prepares to Fail...


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