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The Code Of Conduct

...The Coach Is a ROLE MODEL...

Coaches are usually held in high esteem by thier participants and often become important role models, particularly with children and young people. With such an important role comes a great deal of responsibility.

To be a good role model, you should always set a good example to your participants in terms of dress, behaviour and attitude. Your professional relationship and attitude towards officials, spectators and other coaches must be at the highest standard. Think about the influence your behaviour will have on your participants, parents and other coaches. Try to be consistant and fair, what you say, what you do and what you ask of others.


...What Questions Do You Ask Yourself?...As a Coach...

  • Why is being involved in sport important to you?
  • What have you gained so far from your involvement in sport?
  • Why should other people beencouraged to take part in sport?
  • Why do people want to improvein the things they do?
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There are other questions you need to ask Yourself...

  • Do you truly value honesty?
  • Will you allow your participants to cheat?
  • Are you trying to help others,or do you just want to help yourself or the combination of the two?
  • There is nothing wrong with helping long as your honest about it...
  • Do you always place the long term welfare of the participants before anything else?

What is most important to You...

  • To have a winning team or performer
  • To enjoy your personal involvement and your participants' involvement in sport.
  • To help the all-round development of your participants, physically, technically. socially.


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